Windsurfing Sucked But Not Anymore

There was a time I simply loved windsurfing, it was all I did in my spare time. Even when I could not be on the water, I was reading windsurfing magazines or was watching windsurfing videos.

I’ve also spend hours and hours on thinking my pile of gear over and thinking about what waveboard or skinny mast I needed to add to my quiver.

I was more to be found in my favorite local windsurfing shop than I was in any other kind of store.

Life was good…

Windsurfing Sucks…

That, however, was a few years ago, then came a time where I thought windsurfing sucked.

I simply could not enjoy it as much as I used to.

I was spending more and more time behind my laptop, thinking of topics that I could make websites in and earn some money with thoses sites.

And to admit it, I still love building niche websites or working on one or two authority websites but the thing is it drove me away from enjoying windsurfing.

Windsurfing became something I wanted to do for half an hour to an hour max.

And not because I wanted to go windsurfing and enjoy the waveride or jumps.

No, I wanted to go windsurfing because I needed pictures or video footage to use for an article so I could rank that article faster and make money from it.

Meanwhile, I started to develop some troubles with my muscles and my level of fitness was lacking big time.

Things Had To Change

I’m not getting any younger and I still like building websites but for this year I’ve decided to not devote so much time to building websites anymore.

I’ve noticed that I’m missing the windsurfing for fun part in my life.

And though the water is freezing this time of year I actually can’t wait to get back on my boards as soon as possible.

Not Bad At All…Off To Bonaire In A Few Weeks For Some Serious Windsurfing

I know the re-start won’t be as easy as I think it should be. My back muscles are still stiff and aching and my fore arm muscles haven’t been tested for al loooooooong time, so I have to get back into shape, but the good thing is that I’m more willing to get back into shape then ever before the last few years.

My harness doesn’t fit that perfect anymore and my as good as new windsurfing wetsuit needs a newer version.

But that is for later this winter/spring.

First, in a few weeks I’m going to Bonaire to defrost and pick up windsurfing once again. When Lac Bay on Bonaire won’t get me my stoke back than nothing will!

Reviewing The New Gear…

I probably can’t let blogging go all together, but no need to do so actually.

I want to blog less this year and windsurfing some more.

But once I have some new gear (like a new wetsuit and a new harness) you’ll probably see me review that.

Nothing wrong with that I guess, I just have to make sure I’m not going windsurfing purely for the photos and video footage for gear reviews but simply enjoy the time on water again.

Short Term Planning

So, for now I’m into endurance modus every second day I’m home from work.

Biking and jogging is improving my endurance bit by bit I hope.

And so now and then I’m doing some HITT exercises to get my strength back.

All this to enjoy my windsurfing holiday in Bonaire as much as possible and after that I like to, no, I want to, no, I need to get ready for the season here in Holland.

See you soon on the water 🙂


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