Windsurfing Holidays

windsurfing holidays pictureAre you looking for information about Windsurfing Holidays?

Windsurfing on its own is cool enough already, right?

But one of the best things about our sport is combining it with your holiday. What better way to spend your holidays then windsurfing in shorts or a shorty on a top location.

I’ve been windsurfing on my holidays since I’ve mastered the basics. And if I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

But where do you go, in what time of year, where do you stay, are there good renting facilities?

Just a few questions that pop up when you think about planning a windsurfing trip.

So, I’ll be writing articles for you in the near future where I’ll cover all these questions and much, much more.


At the moment I have just uploaded my first article and it’s about one of my favorite windsurfing destinations for summer as well as for winter getaways.

Check it out below and enjoy the read.

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