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7 Windsurfing Basics Every Windsurfers Needs To Master

Learning the windsurfing basics is the very first step of mastering this awesome new sport. When you know what these basics are it’s essential that you learn them as soon as possible.

Todays article is pointed towards the people who would like to start windsurfing and have no clue (yet) what you need to do to learn this new sport as soon as possible.

Before explaining the 7 essential basics to you let’s first take a look at what these basics are.

What Are Windsurfing Basics

Like with everything in life, windsurfing is no exception, you need to start at the beginning. The beginning of our healthy, outdoor sport lies in mastering the basics.

But what exactly do we see as these basics:

Windsurfing basics are the essential parts of windsurfing for people who would like to pick up this fascinating sport that so many people around the world rave about.

Windsurfing Basic #1 Know Your Windsurfing Equipment And What You Need To Hit The Water

You need to understand that before going into the water with your gear, which exists of a board and a rig, you need to know what belongs to be together.

This because you need to know that you have everything complete to make learning as easy and fun as possible.

It would be a shame if you start with a beginners board without having the dagger board in it as this necessary part of a beginners board, when expanded makes your board much more stable and it results in getting upwind much easier.

Windsurfing Basic #2 Know How To Connect Everything Together

When going on the water you need to know you have everything you need and ofcourse you need to be sure it’s all firmly conected together.

To check this and be sure it’s safe to get windsurfing you need to know what you have to do to connect everything together, it’s tempting to have some one else do it for you but you need to make sure you know it yourself.

Only this way you can be sure it’s safe to leave the beach with you windsurfing gear.

Someday you will be alone at the beach, on those days, with no one around to help you, you’ll be glad you learned how to rig everything, adjust it the right way and connect it together perfect for a safe windsurfing session.

It’s really not that hard to connect everything together, but you need to invest soome time to do it yourself.

Windsurfing Basic #3 How To Uphaul Your Sail

After you climbed onto your board the first time  you need to know how to uphaul the sail, have the sail out of the water and know what to do next.

Master this and tou’re actually already windsurfing as the board will slowly start to move as soon as the sail is free from the water.

Windsurfing Basic #4 How To Windsurf (And Sail Away)

When standing in the basic stance and having the sail free from the water, you need to be with your back facing the wind. Grab the boom with both hands and bend your arms a little.

You’ve just been windsurfing, I told you, it’s realy not that hard 🙂

Want to know in more detail how to windsurf read this article.

Windsurfing Basic #5 How To Turn

how to turn in windsurfingOnce you’ve been surfing a few meters it’s important to know how to turn around. Keep on going in one direction is tempting but you need to know how to turn around otherwise you’re up for a big swim and I get asure you that swimming against the wind and small waves with the drag of windsurfing gear behind you is exhausting and not so fun to do.

There are 2 ways to turn around.

With the sail moving over the front of the board, or moving the sail over the back of your board.

At first the easiest way is to have to sail move over the front of your board.

Windsurfing Basic #6 How To Return To Where You Were Coming From

Now that you sailed away, managed to turn and catch some wind again it’s time to return back where you came from, this is done mainly the same way as you did when sailing away.

With this difference that you’re standing on the other side of your board, holding the boom on the other side of the sail. While turning you lost some valuable meters, you’re sailing downwind from where you sailed before turning.

To get back exactly where you came from you need to know how to get upwind.

Windsurfing Basic #7 How To Windsurf Upwind

Another important point in mastering the windsurfing basics is learning how to windsurf upwind. With the dagger board expanded it’s much easier to master, for now this helpful tool is about to make thing easier on you.

This, combined with changing position of your hands on the boom and moving of your rig more to the back of your board makes you get upwind faster than you thought was possible.

Don’t overdo it as you stop moving when you go upwind to much.

On a windsurfing board you can not go completely against the wind direction, only for a certain amount of degrees.


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