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Windsurf Leucate: Best Leucate Windsurfing Holiday Tips

Are you looking for information about one of the windiest and popular windsurfing spots in the south of France?

Find the best windsurf Leucate tips like best time to go there and where to windsurf and much more!

Leucate is one of those mythical windsurfing destinations that are present in Europe and waiting for you. Not in the last place, the sunny, warm and windy weather conditions make it a great place to spend your next windsurfing holiday.

Why I Want to Windsurf Leucate Really Badly

windsurfing on etang de leucate

I have been going to Spain for years in a row during the summer holiday when I was still going to school. Yes, that ancient history!

Anyway, while going to the gulf of Rosas in Spain what I can remember about the South of France and especially the Languedoc Rousillon area (where Leucate is located) are the warning signs about high winds in the Rhone valley and the hills which are literraly packed with wind mills.

Though all my friends were on that camp site in Spain and the Tramontana winds were relliable enough to go there year after year, a Leucate windsurfing trips was ranked high on my bucket list.

I just had to find the right time to finally go and visit Leucate. Long story made short… I’m going there on a well deserved windsurfing holiday in a few days.

The details about my windsurfing there will be posted later, when I have actually been there myself in a few weeks, but I wanted to give you some information up front in case you’re interested in a windsurf leucate trip as well.

Where is Leucate Located?

First thing you need to know about Leucate is where it is exactly. Well, the town is located in the warm and sunny Languedoc Roussillon department in the south of France almost directly on the mediterranian sea only a few kilometers away from the boarder with Spain.

The south of France is a popular tourist destination, so convincing your kids and wife (or husband) to check the place out in summer or any other time of year really won’t take long.

What Is So Special About Windsurfing in Leucate?

The special thing about Leucate is that you can choose where you want to go windsurfing. The main options you have are the mediterranean or the lake which goes by the name Etang de Leucate.

Another point that makes it a great windsurfing locations is the fact that the north westerly wind is pushed from the Pyrenees to the Central Massif on the south side to deliver it increased in strength at the beaches of the Leucate area.

This Are The Winds That Blow In Leucate.

Mainly, there are two different winds blowing in Leucate. The one from the Northwest and the one from the Southeast.

Tramontana (Mistral)

The wind from the north west is called the Tramontana. It’s the strong wind which blows from the mountains towards the sea. It can reach wind strengths of upto 9 Beaufort so you better be prepared for some serious extreme windsurfing or be safe and stay ashore.

The wind blows between the Pyrenees and the Central Massif and hits the Leucate beaches from the north west.

The wind is off shore at the mediterranean so be warned. It’s great for speed sessions but the direction makes it hard to get back ashore.

When getting upwind is something you’re practising on you better stay at the beach and watch the more experienced or give it a go at the more inland lake, the Etang de Leucate.


Another popular wind that blows in the South of France is the Marin. This wind is not that strong as the Tramontana is and it’s coming from the opposite direction.

Instead of coming from the north west it’s coming from the south east which makes it an onshore instead of an offshore wind.

The mediterranean in this area is not know for big waves to ride, but things change when the Marin is blowing. Because of the more onshore direction it brings some wave to the beaches.

Great for riding and jumping and even a stand up paddle wave session is a great joy on those waves (when the winds are not that strong).

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