where should I start

Where Should I Start

This title should said it all…

Where Should I start…

You see, I’ve neglected this blog of mine for too long. Over the years I had several ideas in my head and some of them I shared with you guys, but not all of them.

Boardrebel.com has seen many changes over the years, and not only has the blog changed, I’ve changed too.

Transforming BoardRebel.com Into A Personal Blog

A few posts back I wrote that the tutorial website should change into a more personal blog.

Well, long story short…That didn’t happen as you might have guessed and seen when you scrolled down the newest posts.

Once again my goal is to start documenting my life over here more than I want to write generic articles about windsurfing related subjects.

So, here we are…

Well, here I am, because I realize, looking at the Google Analytics of this site that I don’t have that much visitors at all.

Why Is My Blog Receiving No Organic Visitors?

You see, I just mentioned that I changed as well, and that resulted in writing less and less on this blog and writing more on money making blogs.

Boardrebel always was and still is a hobby project, one that needs as much time spent as a money making blog.

On top of that this blog is costing me time and money so it was never on top of my to do list to update this blog that much.

Resulting in lower and lower vistior numbers.

You see, over the past few years I haven’t been spending that much time on windsurfing and more and more time on learning seo tactics (Search Engine Optimalisation) tactics learning in how to get more free visitors from serch engines.

After receiving more and more free visitors I added banners, affiliate marketing and Facebook advertising to monetise that traffic.

Things were (and still are) going great.

Resulting in me writing more and more on blogs in the niches that make me money and less and less on this blog as I couldn’t make any money with this one (well there are ways to make money with any blog in any niche but I didn’t wanna go that route with BoardRebel).

BoardRebel Now Is My Hobby Project On My Passions

After some good and long thinking I had these following options:

I could quit this domain all together

I could focus on windsurfing only

I could start writing on different passions I have right now (not for receiving much visitors but more as an online journal I would love to write on and visit in the future again to reread what I was doing at that particular time).

You see, when you want many free visitors you should create killer content in a niche with a lot of people searching online for information, post regularly and interact on a regular basis.

I could do this on windsurfing but the thing is at this moment I’m dividing my spare time on content marketing and windsurfing.

The lack of windsurfing for some time combined with doing not that much active things at all resulted in having issues with my back muscles right now and a tennisarm which is cured for about 90%.

My Goals For 2019 Are…

So, my goals for this year are:

Writing more over here on what is keeping me busy in life. (Expect to find articles on windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and affiliate marketing a.k.a. making money online the right way).

Get active more and more. Get back in shape with running and biking and picking up windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding once again.

Live healthier. Windsurfing and SUP are great outdoor sports that I have been doing more than 30 years now. To get back to doing those on the level I did them before I need to start living heathier als well.

My windsurfing waist harness doesn’t fit me anymore so time for some drastic changes where getting more active and eatinig healthier will go hand in hand from this day on!

You might have seen already that today I’ve changed the look and feel of this website. Transforming it into a personal blog with less buttons on the navigation.

I’m not sure yet if I get rid of all the older posts or leave them here…just not sure yet!

So, now you have a little insight in what this blog is about to become.

What do you think about it?

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