how to use social media for windsurfing pro's

How To Use Social Media For Windsurfing Pro’s

Windsurfing without social media is unthinkable these days. The pro’s use it as a marketing tool for themselves and their sponsors.

And we the end consumers of windsurfing gear, use it as well, so do the windsurfing companies sponsoring the pro riders all year round.

Some of the proriders are doing a great job with it but most, unfortunately, suck at it. It’s not that they are not interested in doing a better job at it, they just don’t know what they could improve in their social media game.

You see, windsurfing is  a small niche, a niche where 95% of the pro riders are struggling to make ends meet.

These men and women live (and sell) the dream to us but the harsh truth is they are not really wealthy enought to pay a coach, a caddy or a manager who takes care of most things they now have to do themselves.

Resulting in more stress, time spend on other things as just training and tuning their gear.

So, no wonder they don’t have a social media manager on their side to help and advice them on what to do best (develop a strategy on personal branding).

How To Use Social Media for Windsurfing Pro’s

Nowadays more and more windsurfers are drawn into the social media game. This is a good thing, as social media gets your name known in the scene, you get to know the ins and outs of your idols and you stay on top of the news as soon as it gets released.

Facebook and Instagram (or Insta as it’s pronounced a lot these days) are great platforms to develop a worldwide network and create a personal brand for yourself.

A lot of pro riders make great pictures, videos and stories and share them on social media.

Great for their personal branding and it keeps the sponsors happy.

#1 Engagement is everything

The thing where they could do a lot better IMO is the engagement part of it all. liking/unliking, following/unfollowing is a not so cool strategy.

I understand they’re of most value for a sponsor when they have a big following, but windsurfing brands are not stupid and sooner or later they will find out, by using social media experts / internet marketers, that you try to game them.

What they really want is a rider who is easy to talk to at the beach but also has a big fanbase of TRUE fans.

And like it or not, true fans don’t come by following/unfollowing them. You get true fans by interacting with them.

Windsurfing is a really, really small niche where you should not only overdeliver to your sponsors but also to your fans.

I really believe that when you take the time to interact with your fanbase, they’ll like you even more. On the long run they are the ones that make an extra year at your sponsor possible?


Because they rave about you and the brands you represent, that’s why!

  • They like you enough to follow you in everything you do.
  • They buy the gear your sponsors are selling.
  • They tell others about the pro’s and benefits of the gear they use (the gear your sponsor sells)

Always be sure to be kind to your fans, respond to them in depth (a simple yes, no or thanks won’t do) when they take the time to send you a message.

#2 Use hashtags

This might be a no brainer for you but there are sooooooo much social media posts where there are almost no hashtags used.

If you recognize yourself in this, start using them now!

People are searching on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram for news and amusement most of times.

Use the hashtags they use and get more eyeballs on your content.

If you are using hashtags you probably don’t use them enough.

Did you know you can use 30 hashtags per post?!

#3 Let your fans take a peak in your life

You might think your fans are only interested in your action on the water. No windsurfing action on the water mostly means no fresh content for your fans on the social media channels you and they use.

This way you get forgotten really fast.

What you can do instead is post pictures (or even better use video) of your day to day life. Your fans will love you for this, they dream about the life you live.

So why not give them what they want, When you give me the content I love, I like that post of yours, Instagram sees that and value your recently updated profile. I spend more time on your profile, come back to see if there’s more new content off you.

Instagram sees this as well and thinks your profile is what I like a lot, resulting in more time consuming your content, resulting in a better ranking of your content, finally resulting in a happy fan, and a happy sponsor as your profile with their products promoted on it gets more eyeballs to it.


Hopefully, when you are a windsurfing pro (or brand) who could use some valuable social media strategy tips, you find something useful in this article.

Use the tips shared here today and start seeing better results and engagement in the near future.

Are you an unknown windsurfer who likes to be recognized by the windsurfing brands? Use these tips as well.

You might not get your 100% sponsored gear from the brands you like but you could get noticed sooner as you would when not using social media the right way.

There are enough sponsored riders who lack good competitions results but are living the life because they use social media they way everyone should.

How’s that possible?

They share a healthy, happy lifestyle. A lifestyle the brands are looking for. When they know you represent that, they’ll might even think of you when they need a local brand ambassador.

One last tip: Always have an updated bio where at least it’s possible to contact you with one click!


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