Best Tenerife Windsurfing Holiday Tips

tenerife windsurfing pictureSo, you want to go on a Tenerife windsurfing trip? I can’t blame you and I can only say, do so! You for sure won’t regret it. No matter if you want to go in winter or summer it’s always a good idea to pack your bags, book a ticket and fly to the warm sun and strong winds of the Canaries.

The winds are more predictable and are stronger in the summer months but I can assure you that winter (especially the last few years) has been treating the shores of El Medano with great conditions.

There’s a reason why every winter more and more pro slalom riders are staying and training for months in a row in the famous windsurfing town in the south of the island near the airport.

If you’ve not considered a trip to Tenerife as of yet you’re missing out…a lot! Of course, it depends on where you live if a windsurfing holiday to the Canaries is suitable for you but then again these days with reasonably priced charter flights…what are you waiting for?

Some Short Info About Tenerife

picture of tenerife from the skyBefore jumping right into the part where I’ll tell you all about the best windsurfing beaches, where to stay and what the wind and wave conditions are like let me briefly start at the beginning and tell you a little bit about Tenerife in general.

So, here we go…

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands

but what’s more interesting for us windsurfers is the fact that all the islands are in reaching distance of the African mainland, to be more specific, the islands are facing the Western Sahara area of Morroco.

Why is this interesting I hear you ask…

Well, it means that it’s sunny all year round (especially on the Southern coastline, which is where the best windsurfing happens to be) and is in the middle of the North Easterly blowing trade winds.

What’s The Best Tenerife Windsurfing Location

When going on a windsurfing (or kiteboarding) trip there’s only one village you want to go to and that’s El Medano.

El Medano is located on the Southern coast of Tenerife and it’s so close to the airport in the south that you can even see the kites and windsurfing sails speeding and jumping around when your plane is about to land.

What better sight to have than white caps and rolling ocean swell on blue waters while the sun is shining bright and the kite and windsurfers are on the water enjoying the conditions?

Do you know what I like most about a windsurfing trip to Tenerife? When you arrange a transfer from the airport to El Medano you won’t need to hire a car to chase the winds if they re not blowing on the beaches of El Medano.

Because simply put, if there’s no wind in El Medano, there’s no wind anywhere else on the island!

Of course in winter when the trade wind direction can be a little bit of, there can be winds in other places down the Southern coastline but generally speaking it only has suitable windsurfing conditions in El Medano.

What’s The Wind Like On Tenerife

Normally spoken the winds are almost blowing anywhere from a North to NorthEastern direction. Tihs is because the Canaries are right in the middle of the North Eastern tradewinds area.

Well, that’s to say for summertime, in wintertime the tradewinds wander a little bit more to the south (making the Cabo Verde islands more predictable, but not anywhere near the predictability of the Canaries).

So generally speaking the winds in the summer are stronger as they are in winter, but even in winter, there are more than enough days for your 5,3 or 5,0 (or smaller) wavesails to get rigged and used.

The last 2 years I have been windsurfing the shores of El Medano. The first year in February and last year in March. With my 75 kilos, I was glad the windsurfing centers down there had a 3,7 and a 4,2 for rent. Both years I was on an 85 liter waveboard and it was great all the time.

Of course, there can (and normally are) also be days in winter where a 6,5 to 7,5 and a freeride or freerace board around 110 liters are more suitable, but I just mentioned this to give you an idea of what even in winter is possible regarding the wind strengths.

Windsurfing Centers in El Medano

When staying only for a week, or maybe two weeks it might be a good idea to consider renting windsurfing equipment.

Traveling with your own gear can be a hassle sometimes and the prices for taking your own stuff probably is more expensive as renting in a local windsurf shop is.

If you want to rent your gear (like I do on my stays on Tenerife) there are more than enough different options you have.

The two centers where I have rented windsurfing gear are Tenerife Windsurf Solutions and the center of Claus Gahmig called Surfcenter Playa Sur

There are even more windsurf centers to rent your gear but I have not visited them before.

Where Best To Stay On Tenerife (For Windsurfers)

I guess I have mentioned it a few times before here, but El Medano is the place to be if you’re planning a windsurfing holiday with your friends (or family).

Of course, the best place for non windsurfers to stay in a short distance of El Medano is the tourist town of Las Americas). It’s only a short 15 to 20 minute car drive from Las Americas down to El Medano.

What Other Places To Visit (On A Windless Day)

las americasTenerife has a lot to offer for tourists that are not that interested in getting blown of the beach while trying to get a tan.

Las Americas is a great place to visit. It has a big boulevard where you can walk more than an hour in one direction if you prefer to do so.

It’s packed with shops (especially the local pearl shops are a hit as prices are lower as they seem to be at home), but also Pull and Bear, Jack and Jones and other big brands can be bought there. Fashion shops enough for your wife and/or kids to go shopping.

It has a great nightlife from bars, to restaurants, to a Hardrock cafe.

Besides that, the BurgerKing and Mc Donalds are there as well (at the boulevard overlooking the local surfspots).

Speaking of surfing…

Las Americas is known for their great surfspots, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was there and saw big pealing perfect walls breaking over a lava rock bottom.

The waves really are great in combination with the light offshore breezes.

When you’re more into swimming pools, the hotels, and apartments almost all have a swimmingpool (some of which I noticed have salt water).

Another great swimming pool down the road from Las Americas to El Medano is Siam Park.

Siam Park has multiple pools and a wavepool as well, it’s a great place to stay for a day.

The big cliffs of Los Gigantes are nice to see.

As well is it a great way to spend a day to rent a car and drive around the island. Drive from the South to the North and  visit the Tide volcano in the middle of the island.

It’s the highest mountain on Spanish soil so take a warm sweater with you as it can get chilly up there.

The green Northern area is also great to visit, it has more clouds and rain compared to the South resulting in greener vegetation and even banana trees.