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Costa Rica Windsurfing Holiday Secrets Discovered

So, you want to go on a Costa Rica windsurfing holiday? In this beautiful central american country you can choose between going inland for some freeriding or freestyling on a lake or go to the coast for some serious waveriding .On the coast you can chose between the Pacific facing beaches and the ones facing the

Windsurfing in 2017, My Recap

As 2017 is over in about a month and 2018 is ready to kick off it’s time to take a look back at this year and look forward and plan for the upcoming year. I’ve found out that I’m experiencing a windsurfing interest shift which might lead to some drastic changes for the upcoming year…

fanatic grip

Fanatic Grip 2018

The all new Fanatic Grip took me by surprise! I don’t know what about you but I didn’t expect Fanatic to get rid of their supper famous quad and triwave waveboards all at the same time. Actually I was some what dissapointed when I found out these perfect waveboard had dissapeared from their waveboard line