locosys GT-31 device

Locosys GT-31 Handheld GPS

Locosys GT-31I can finally say that I’m the proud owner of an Locosys GT-31. Though it might not make me windsurf better or faster it fur sure is a whole lot of fun to use one, so the windsurfers around me say.

Because to be honest, I’m the first one to admit to you that I never used one before and, at the time of writing have no clue how to use it.

But, hey, there most be more people at the stage where I am right now which is being totally new to the device and who want to know how to use it.

So, I thought it would be valueable to write a review about it and show you how to install and use it.

What is the Locosys GT-31 and who is it for

For those of you that are not that interested in speed windsurfing and have no clue what I’m talking about it’s an handheld GPS device, actually it’s the most used GPS device among windsurfers worldwide.

Yes, worldwide!

And though Locosys now has a newer speed registrating device, in the form of a watch, the GW-60, speed (but also slalom) windsurfers are still in huge numbers using their trusted GT-31.

So, to briefly tell you what it is…It’s a handheld GPS tracking and registrating device.

Locosys GT-31 Pre Review

In the near future I’ll review the GT31, for now I haven’t had an opportunity to use and therefor review it.

I’ve struggled a little to find out how to adjust the settings, but finally it’s working. How do I know it’s working well right now?

Well I’ve activated the device and after it found the needed satelites, I took it into my car and drove a little with it. The good news is that I saw on the screen it recorded the top speed (among some other things).

Now it’s finding out how to upload the file to my laptop and finally upload the “session” to GPS Speedsurfing. After that it’s taking the device on the water and record some sessions while reviewing it thoroughly.


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