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Fanatic Grip 2018

The all new Fanatic Grip took me by surprise! I don’t know what about you but I didn’t expect Fanatic to get rid of their supper famous quad and triwave waveboards all at the same time.

Actually I was some what dissapointed when I found out these perfect waveboard had dissapeared from their waveboard line up.

Fanatic Grip: Replacing The Quad And Triwave…Say What?!

As a Fanatic fanboy I found it a pity that I haven’t been able to give the grip a spin, but who knows maybe I’ll be able to test (and review) the replacement of the quad and triwave boards somewhere along the Dutch coastal waters later this year or some where in 2018.

Since Fanatic decided to let their hugely popular triwave and quad boards go on an early retirement, there had to come some awesome new waveboard in return.

Along with their testwinning Stubby the new board had some high standards to live up to as Fanatic is known to be a brand with great, easy to use waveboards.

One of the strengths of Fanatic is that, though they might not always be the first to come out with a new trend, (the Stubby is obviously an exeption to that rule) you can be sure that when they do release something new it’s thoroughly tested by their pro teamriders as well as advanced amateurs.

When Will I Review The Fanatic Grip?

As mentioned above I haven’t been able to test and review the new Fanatic Grip. When I do get the oppurtunity I will not only review it but also compare it to it’s predecessor: the Triwave!

I have a Fanatic Triwave 81 team edition of 2011 which is my goto waveboard for some years now. And I’m really curious how the new Grip will behave compared to my triwave.

I’m so eager to find out how both boards behave to each other while going upwind, jump, waveride (backside as well as frontdside) and handle some highwind chop.

Fanatic Grip And Stubby 2018 Product Video

This article will be extended with some opinions from my side as soon as I have investigated the board some more. Some local windsurfing shops that have the board on the shelves should let me take some measurements and pictures, I’m sure of that.

But while I have nothing more to share with you than the article above, I guess by now it’s time to leave you with the product video of the Grip and the Stubby.

The video is a must watch as Sebastian Wenzel (the shaper) and Klaas Voget and Victor Fernandez as well as some other riders show you what the new boards are capable of and give you some detailed info on the new boards.

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