Fanatic Freewave 2020

Fanatic freewave 2020Have you seen the all new Fanatic Freewave 2020 boards already?

My last post was about the new Fanatic range for 2020 but I couldn’t give you much new information as there simply wasn’t any to be shared.

As of today the new Fanatic wave and freestyle boardrange is online.

Fanatic Freewave 2020: What’s new?

Now that Fanatic has released the 2020 gear there is a lot to discuss about it.

The big news however is that the freewave stubby version is no longer available in their program.

I have been missing the more traditional version of the freewave, basically the shape / outline that made this board the best sold board of the Fanatic range for ages.

It’s also this “traditional shape” that made it the absolute benchmark and testwinner in all magazines for ages.

So, I’m happy with this change in design and would love to test the 85 liter version.

As I have a Fanatic Triwave 81 and a Skate 99 I did not see the benefit of owning a stubby freewave but the new shape makes me wonder if I should buy an 85 liter as one solution board or the 95 liter version as a substitute for the Skate I wanted to change for another board anyway.

So, to tell you what’s new I guess the big change is that it no longer is a stubby design but more of a traditional looking shape.

Fanatic Freewave 2020 video

Fanatic has released a cool product and action video of the new freewave line.

I’ve shared the video below and you should watch it right now.

It’s a great action packed video from the anual photoshoot of this spring in Maui.

Klaas Voget tells you all ins and outs about the new boardline in detail which I found to be very interesting.

I’ll stop talking about the new Fanatic freewave 2020 now and let Klaas and the actionshots convince you to try one as soon as possible (I know I will).


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