Fanatic 2020 Windsurfing Boards

fanatic 2020 windsurfing boardsAre you also desperately waiting for the new Fanatic boards to be released? As a vivid fan of Fanatic I can’t wait to find the new Fanatic 2020 windsurfing boards online.

Like all the other fans I’ll have to be patient as well and wait for the new products to come available.

You know, every year around this time I start to get nervous as the big brands are releasing their new gear and so I’m daily checking the sites and forums that normally have the scoop on new gear.

The news and rumors topics about the new products are very alive and lots of people are commenting on speculations about new dimensions, color schemes, fin sizes etc. etc.

But for the definitive specs we simply have to wait a little longer to be sure.

Why Do Windsurfing Brands Hide Away Their New Product Until Release Date?

The brands are getting better and better hiding the news about their yet to be released boards and so is Fanatic.

A few years ago it was a lot easier to find some news on the internet prior to release dates but it gets harder and harder by the year.

You see, the brands want to hide their new gear away until the official release date and have a good reason doing this.

They don’t want to release too much yet as it would be bead news for sales of the current board models.

On the other hand, they need some buzz about their new gear so people get curious and start talking and discussing them in the online forums.

So, when new products are hidden away too good for the news seekers they release their products earlier or release videos of their international teamriders.

A good example would be Victor Fernandez on the new membrame sails of Duotone.

Fanatic 2020 Windsurfing Boards: What Do We Know Already?

Speaking of Fanatic teamriders on new gear, what do we already know?

To be honest, not that much!

Fanatic Stingray 2020

The Fanatic Stingray foiling board is already announced on the Fanatic international website.

It’s the only new board we know of.

It’s the pure foiling dedicated board in their range. There are more boards Fanatic boards that are foil ready like the Falcon, Jag and Gecko’s in some sizes but the Stingray is the first dedicated windsurfing foil board for the upcoming season.

Fanatic Grip 2020, Skate 2020 Or Any Other News To Announce?

Will there be a new waveboard, freestyle waveboard or any other new Fanatic windsurfing boards?

We’ll simply have to wait a little longer!

Until that time you can find some news on other brands as they have released some 2020 windsurfing gear already.

Where Fanatic in the past used to be the first windsurfing board brand to release their new gear every year, the smaller brands like Goya and Quattro have taken over that spot.

It was normally Fanatic and JP Australia being the first but that is not the case for the upcoming season.

But as next month the wave worldcup will be at the rocky shores of Pozo in Gran Canaria you can expect to see some new Fanatic 2020 windsurfing boards there!



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