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Course Preview – Luderitz Speed Challenge

course preview - luderitz speed challengeBen Proffit of Windsurfing.tv just uploaded a video called the course preview – Luderitz speed challenge.

I’ve watched it and I must say it’s a great windsurfing video. Off course you don’t expect much less when it comes to the video content from the hands of Ben Proffit.

What Is The Course Preview – Luderitz Speed Challenge All About

Ben shows perfectly in this video how exiting speedsurfing is. Especially when you’re not build like a typical speedsurfer it’s hard to understand how those topguys reach those unreal speeds.

Being smaller and especially a lot lighter as most speed windsurfers it’s hard to reach those blistering fast speeds.

Without and preparation, new gear he has never ridden before and a speed channel filled with strong gusty winds on a course with lulls and gusts Ben does a great job in his newest windsurfing video.

Though Ben is not known for his speedsurfing abilities it’s great fun to see him blast down the speedstrip on his speedgear.

As a (wannabe) speedsurfer who is no topdog in the speed discipline you can easily relate to what he’s going through as his GoPro action cams perfectly records his run.

Luderitz? Speedsurfing? What Are You Talking About?

Luderitz speed courseIf you have no clue about what Luderitz is and what i’m talking about, let me fill in the gaps for you right now.

Luderitz is a small town in the southwest of Namibia and since a few years it’s known for speedsurfing. Why? Because it has a man made canal which, with the right windangle, is known for a perfect flatwater speedspot.

Combine this with the relentless winds and you have one of the best speedsurfing spots on our globe.

Perfectly flat water combined with a storm force wind under the right angle is what is needed for the speedies to slingshot themselves onto warp speed over a 500 meter course.


Here Is The Course Preview – Luderitz Speed Challenge

Enough said about what to been seen in the first video that made it onto BoardRebel below.

Go check it out and enjoy the action!


What Did You Think Of The Course Preview – Luderitz Speed Challenge Video?

I know, I liked this video a lot but what did you think of this video?

Let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

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