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Costa Rica Windsurfing Holiday Secrets Discovered

So, you want to go on a Costa Rica windsurfing holiday? In this beautiful central american country you can choose between going inland for some freeriding or freestyling on a lake or go to the coast for some serious waveriding .On the coast you can chose between the Pacific facing beaches and the ones facing the carribean sea.

The big and powerfull waves are great for waveriding assuming the windforce and direction are good.

When conditions are right these beaches can produce some Hawaiian like conditions.

But the main area for Costa Rica windsurfing is done inland on a big lake called lake Arenal.

Costa Rica translated into english means rich coast and that is exactly what it is but beside the beautiful beaches this country has more to offer, much more. This green and hilly country is covered with lakes, rain forests and vulcanos.

It is this diverse landscape and the variety of animals it has to offer that a lot of people go on vacation to Costa Rica.

Is Lake Arenal  The Best Costa Rica Windsurfing Location?

Actually this lake, Lake Arenal, is the biggest lake in Costa Rica.And during the summer season which goes from November to April this is also the most reliable area when it comes down to windstrength. It is so windy that the most used sailsizes are from 3.0 to 5.0 So some wavesails and a waveboard are the best way to fly through the chop and windswells.

What month is best for a Costa Rica windsurfing holiday?

When you’re going on a costa rica windsurfing holiday and like as much wind as possible don’t forget your 3.0 or 4.0 m2 sails when you visit lake arenal around December/January as winds around 30 knots (or more) are the average wind strength.

If you like it more moderate and want to windsurf with a 4.5 or 5.3 than March/April is a better choice with average winds around 20 knots.

As for a wetsuit, leave your wintersuit and hoody at home, as the watertemperature rises from 64F(18C) in January to 78F(25C) in May, so a shorty will be perfect.

But a shortarm in January or a boardshort in May is possible as well.

As it is inland you might think it is quit gusty, but this is not the case.Actually the winds are very consistent especially on the western part.which means almost no changing sailsize during a session.

Save the sail changing for your home sessions, hey, you are on a holiday why the discomfort of coming in change sails.

And did I mention the laidback attitude of the locals, so you might not even want to change sails how good your session might be.

Costa Rica windsurfing on lake Arenal will change your look on inland windsurfing no matter how good a waverider you are.

To give you some impressions of windsurfing in Costa Rica (on lake Arenal), see the folowing video:

Are There Any Windsurfing Shops Around Lake Arenal?

It is this area that also has the best windsurfing infrastructure of entire Costa Rica.So if you need some spare parts or need to rent windsurfing equipment you find them here in the different windsurfing shops available.

In Costa Rica windsurfing is also possible on custom made boards. There are even brands that build and test those boards on lake Arenal, so if there are boards that are made for these conditions it’s the locally build custom made windsurf boards.

When you’re in need of some spare parts, windsurfing gear or maybe a new board, the following shops are worth a visit:

Tilawa Windsurf Center

Tico Wind

Windsurfing in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica

When you want to go windsurfing on the pacific coast there are more than enough options to do so.

The one we can recommend is in Bahia Salinas.

When going for a windsurfing trip there the best place to get on the water is at Ecoplaya Hotels.

The conditions are mellow and you can rent some windsurfing equipment there as well.

Stand Up Paddling In Costa Rica

On a windless day you can hire a stand up paddling board and try this new and amazing sport which is taking the world in a fast pace.

It is really fun to do and a great total body work out.

Places like Lake Arenal and Bahia Salinas are great for your first meters on a SUP and iff you know your way around on a wave sup, the world famous surfspots of Costa Rica is where you wanna be.

Be warned though, the conditions can be really challenging at some spots, so iff in doubt don’t go out!

Kite Boardingg In Costa Rica

If you want to give kiteboarding a try or are experienced and want to kitesurf as well, the windsurfspots of Costa Rica are perfect for kiteboarders as well. The constant winds and the warm waters are perfect for this sport as well.

As with surfing, paddle boarding and windsurfing you can also kiteboard in the waves of Costa Rica (when you’re up for the waves).

Surfing In Costa Rica

There are also a lot of surfers, you know, the ones without sails or kites who visit this country.The beaches and surfing conditions are on some places worldclass. With “the Hawaii of Latin-American surfing” as a nickname there most be some great places to go surfing.

The majority of surfers “discovered” the surfing conditions that Costa Rica has to offer by watching a travelling movie of 2 surfers who where travelling the world to have an endless summer.

This was also the title of the movie.Actually it was a continuation of the original endless summer movie which is a cult movie among surfers as is this second endless summer movie.

In this movie they were visiting some breaks where the surfing was perfect, at some places the wax melted of their boards as the water was as hot as the summer temperatures on the beach.

As the surf is consistent all year round and the country is not that big but never the less has thousands of breaks both, on the pacific and the carribean side, for all levels of surfers.

So, as you might have noticed by now Costa Rica windsurfing and its relating sports are a good way to spend your holiday time.

But don’t forget the rest of this beautiful country as exploring is not just about searching for a new uncrowded surfspot.

Freestyle Windsurfing on Lake Arenal

Just to get you even more in the mood I just found this great freestyle windsurfing video which is filmed on lake Arenal I didn’t want you to miss.

Maybe you’re not into freestyle but it also shows you the beautiful scenary of Costa Rica and the great conditions this spot offers like shallow warm waters combined with a tropical climate.

Who doesn’t want to go windsurfing in a place like this?

Anyway…enjoy the video.


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