7 Windsurfing Basics Every Windsurfers Needs To Master

windsurfing basics

Learning the windsurfing basics is the very first step of mastering this awesome new sport. When you know what these basics are it’s essential that you learn them as soon as possible.

Todays article is pointed towards the people who would like to start windsurfing and have no clue (yet) what you need to do to learn this new sport as soon as possible.

Before explaining the 7 essential basics to you let’s first take a look at what these basics are.

What Are Windsurfing Basics

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Windsurfing Instructions To Help You Windsurf Better

windsurfing instructions

The big advantage of online windsurfing instructions is that no one is watching when you’re trying to learn something new. So no need to feel insecure or looked and laughed at when something goes wrong.

You can watch your windsurfing instructions online in the privacy of your own room or house. Download them to your computer or laptop and read them offline on your screen, or(my favorite) you can print them out and read them whenever you feel like it.

Get Yourself A Windsurfing Instructions Reference Book

In case you go for the last option you could use the downloaded and printed file as a reference book.

Having your instructions in a printed file like a reference book or e book is very convenient for an obvious reason: being able to read them when ever and where ever you want to.

Going through your instructions, no matter if they are windsurfing basics or a bunch of tips and how to’s for advanced windsurfers, from a reference book makes you remember them better as when you’re reading them from a screen.

This because people actually read references or any kind of books and scan through pieces of text on a screen.

Stop Scanning Through Text

With the broadband internet and the fast changing technologies every one is in a hurry. Especially online everyone is in a hurry, you have a hard time believing that? What do you do when a website isn’t loading fast enough? There you have it, you hit the back button and go back to search engines and try the next website in your search results, don’t you?

Who is reading entire pages of text online on a website? Not that much people, you rather scan as fast as possible through the text, to hope to find the tips you need and then leave as you’re in a hurry.

This way you miss the important tips hidden in the text, and not everything stays in your mind as you’re rushing through things, so don’t and just print the text and read it when you like to and repeat it as often as you like to.

Reading tips over and over makes them go through your mind as a movie and this way they stay in your memory better as when you were scanning through the text.

Bring It To The Water

Now that you can dream about newest windsurfing instruction which you’ve been reading over and over it’s time to bring it to the water. But you’re not going to the water without bringing your printed copy of your instructions right?

This because when for some kind of reason it isn’t working out on the water the way you planned it, you come ashore, take some rest, something to eat or at least to drink and take your reference book and read it one more time, now that everything is locked in your brain you go out and try it again, good chances things will work out just fine this time.

Get Video Footage Of Your Windsurfing Sessions

If the windsurfing instructions you planned to take to practice aren’t working at once, no worries. You can read as much as you want, and your mind knows how to execute that particular move by now. But your mind and your body are not the same.

Although your mind and body work as one, your mind learns things much faster as that your body does. So it can be that you know in your head how to execute this new move, but your body is not there yet. The key factor to this problem is to repeat, so practice and practice some more.

If you have no one around to tell you about how you actually do the move (instead of how you think you look on the water learning this new move), it’s best to have some video footage of yourself windsurfing.

This way you can see what you do wrong and analyse what to do diferent next time. Highly recommended!

No Frustrations, Do Something Else Instead

But if you practiced and practiced and it’s not working, you’ll lose your focus and drive to learn this move. You’ll get frustrated and angry, now this is the time to let this move go for a while. Try something else, do some moves you do know or just windsurf around for a bit, as having fun is the most important part of windsurfing.

When the fun trades places for frustration your mind blocks and you’ll get nowhere. So do something else, give it a rest, take a break and try it some time later or just on your next session. I wanna bet that things go better when you’re not feeling frustrated anymore.

Learn From The Proffesionals

Take a look at the pro’s. Do you think they got as good as they are in a few sessions? No way, they practiced and stayed focused for ages to get at level where they are today.

Now that you know this, take a deep breathe, grab your gear and windsurfing instructions and go practice. One of the nicest things about windsurfing is that there’s always something new to learn, so hit the water!