Bonaire Windsurfing, A Perfect Windsurfers Destination

So you want to go on a Bonaire windsurfing holiday? We can’t blame you if that’s what you want. If there’s one location on earth that’s a true freestyle, slalom, freeride heaven for windsurfers than it must be that warm and sunny small island in the Caribean that listens to the name Bonaire.

Check any resource online you want when searching for the best location on how to learn to windsurf and Bonaire is probably among the topspots on the list if not on the absolute number one spot.

Being one of the Dutch A-B-C islands in the Caribean, Bonaire might be the smallest when compared to Aruba and Curacao (the other islands that together form the A-B-C islands).

Why Windsurfing on Bonaire Rocks

Bonaire windsurfing

There are so much reasons to think of why you would go to Bonaire if you have the change to do so for a windsurfing holiday.

Sure, there are other locations that make you windsurfing heartbeat skip a beat or two but there are not many locations in the world where live up to the vibe of that small island of the coast of Venezuela.

Friendly local people all around

As a windsurfing tourist you might think you don’t get in touch with the locals all that often, if you do so, please reconsider!

You’re really missing out if you don’t mingle with the friendly locals. The always smiling, super friendly locals warm your heart like the sun does your skin.

Tropical temperatures all year round

One of the benefits that can’t be denied is that being in the tropics, the weather is pretty awesome! Sunny, partly clouded at times, to hot weather is what the island has to offer.

Average temperatures at night of around 25 degrees Celsius to 28 tot 33 degrees Celsius during daytime leave not much room to complain.

Water temperatures like in a swimmingpool

Summer weather around the clock makes for swimming pool like water temperatures. If you think about bringing a wetsuit…DON’T!

For windsurfing on Bonaire you simply won’t need any. Mather of facts, it’s hot enough already surfing in your shorts, a lycra and a harness.

Blessed with tradewinds

No matter how beautiful and warm a location is, without reliable winds you won’t get exited being a windsurfer on one of those locations.

This windsurfers heaven is blessed with trade winds almost year round, especially in wintertime the winds are really reliable.

When there’s no local stormfront passing, you’re almost guaranteed to get planing conditions when visiting Bonaire from December to  March/April.

Lac Bay (Sorobon)

One of the best things about windsurfing at Bonaire is that all the action takes place on Lac Bay.

Sorobon (as its named as well) has shallow, almost perfectly flat water and the beach, as well as the under water word of Lac Bay, have a bed of the finest sand.

If there is one place on the island where all windsurfers go it is this location.

From total beginners, to slalom hotshots and world class freestylers, everyone who loves to windsurf gathers around the beaches of Lac Bay.

Top notch windsurfing facilities

Sorobon wouldn’t be Sorobon if it wasn’t for the perfect windsurfing schools and rental facilities on the beach.

Even Bjorn Dunkerbeck decided to take over a windsurfing school/rental company. I believe you won’t be disappointed with the facilities and boards, riggs they have for rent here.

Jibe City also is a world famous name when it comes to windsurfing schools and needs no further introduction!

A Windsurfing Bonaire Video

I found a nice windsurfing video with some great drone footage from a local rider on Bonaire that I wanted to share with you.

It’s not my own video, so if the advertising is annoying…I’m sorry!

But the footage is just to beautiful not to share it.

Enjoy the video!


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