4 Best Windsurfing Blogs To Follow

best windsurfing blogsAre you looking for the best windsurfing blogs? Then you might have discovered that our sport isn’t that popular among bloggers.

As much as we love our sport, there simply aren’t that many blogs or at least not that much that seems to understand Google and end up at the first few results pages.

This is a shame as it makes it harder for them to get readers to their blogs and on the other hand, is it much harder for you to find them.

When you’re looking for blogs and websites of windsurfers that love their sport just like you and who have decided to dedicate some spare time to their online presence than it’s hard to find new ones.

I’ve found it hard as well to discover them so I’ve decided to give you the ones that I think are of value for you.

So, here they are, a small sum up of the blogs I like.

Before I present you the list, I have to tell you that most of them are blogs and websites from pro riders who have them as an online presence (which is a good idea if you ask me).

You might wonder why they have a blog or website of their own when they have social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest where they can connect with the windsurfing brands, other pro’s and their community.

The answer to this is that you don’t own your social media presence!

I’m not going into this too deep right now as it’s something for another time but gambling on social media only as your personal branding is a huge mistake.

Sponsors might think otherwise and that’s fine.

But look at it this way…

When your personal branding is important to you and your sponsors (especially the ones outside of the windsurfing community) why gamble on a few online profiles which can be taken offline or being closed when the owners think you don’t play by their rules?

The least you can do is have an online presence that you own like a website combined with a blog.

This way you own your content, show brands that you know how to promote them outside of social media channels and on top of that when you know a thing or two about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you could outrank them on keywords for their products which brings a lot of new visitors to your website which makes your website a valuable asset for you and the brands sponsoring you (or the ones that might sponsor you in the (near) future.


Let’s head over to the blogs and websites as I promised to deliver to you.

Jimbo Douglas Windsurfing Blog

When you have been windsurfing for quite a few years and have been on the search for blogs about your favorite sport than the blog of Jimbo Douglas might be no stranger to you.

It’s one of the blogs I check out regularly.

The Peconic Puffin Windsurfing Blog

The peconic puffin is another blog that has been around for ages and is one to get back to regularly.

It’s a great personal windsurfing blog which also covers stand up paddle boarding as well. I love paddleboarding and I guess there are more windsurfers that are paddleboarders too so why not read about what others have to say about it as well.

Pritchard Windsurfing

Though this one is more or less a website/blog to promote their windsurfing coaching, windsurfing holiday information for windsurfers going to Maui and the gear you can rent from them it still is a great one to read.

Matt en Kevin Pritchard are former PWA pro riders and have an incredible windsurfing knowledge to share.

Check out their site and blog here.

They don’t blog very often but the posts they write a fun to read and most of their videos are great ones to dream away with on a cold, rainy winters day.

Phil’s Windsurfing Blog

Another one to watch is the blog of Phil, an South African windsurfer.

In wintertime (when you live in Europe or the states this is from November up until April) it’s summertime in South Africa and this time of year the spots around CapeTown are hot and happening.

A lot of amateur and pro riders are in Cape Town from December till March so expect a lot of updates from Phil in those months from around Langebaan as he has a lot of previews and information from the testing pro’s from the big brands.

You can find his blog here.


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