Fanatic Freewave 2020

Have you seen the all new Fanatic Freewave 2020 boards already? My last post was about the new Fanatic range for 2020 but I couldn’t give you much new information as there simply wasn’t any to be shared. As of today the new Fanatic wave and freestyle boardrange is online. Fanatic Freewave 2020: What’s new? […]

How To Use Social Media For Windsurfing Pro’s

Windsurfing without social media is unthinkable these days. The pro’s use it as a marketing tool for themselves and their sponsors. And we the end consumers of windsurfing gear, use it as well, so do the windsurfing companies sponsoring the pro riders all year round. Some of the proriders are doing a great job with […]

Bonaire Windsurfing, A Perfect Windsurfers Destination

So you want to go on a Bonaire windsurfing holiday? We can’t blame you if that’s what you want. If there’s one location on earth that’s a true freestyle, slalom, freeride heaven for windsurfers than it must be that warm and sunny small island in the Caribean that listens to the name Bonaire. Check any […]

Finally Windsurfing in Tarifa Is Around The Corner

Windsurfing in Tarifa has been on my bucket list for ages. Somehow I haven’t been there before and it’s “only” 2400 km from where I live. I’ve been to Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Leucate, Barbados, Crete, and Rhodos but never actually made it to Tarifa. But that’s finally going to change and I couldn’t be more stoked about […]