boardrebelWelcome at the about page on BoardRebel.com

This is the page where you can discover what this blog is all about.

On BoardRebel you can find information based articles about all the windsurfing categories imaginable.

It’s also my personal windsurfing blog where I share my windsurfing experiences and thoughts.

Hopefully, you can find all the information you need regarding windsurfing on BoardRebel.

Who owns BoardRebel?

I’m an aid windsurfer for 30+ years who likes to share the passion of this great sport, get in touch with other windsurfing enthousiasts and like to share the knowledge I gathered through the years and share it with as many windsurfing beginners and advanced riders as well.

What better way to do so as by starting a windsurfing related website/blog?!

What can you find at BoardRebel?

Are you looking for information on:

  • Windsurfing Holidays
  • Windsurfing Technique
  • Windsurfing Gear
  • How To Windsurf

In that case, you finally ended up on the right website.