boardrebelHello, and welcome to boardrebel.com my personal blog about my biggest passions windsurfing and making money online.

Things have changed over here.

Where in the past this blog used to be completely windsurfing based, it is now slowly changing into a blog where windsurfing will still be a big part but it will be complemented with articles on my new passion making money online.

I have thought about keeping it 100% windsurfing based and start a new blog purely on starting a blog, making money with it and all related subjects in this niche.

But I’ve discovered that there a quite a lot of windsurfers that would buy newer gear but have no budget to go with their wishes.

Therefore I decided to help those people discover the great opportunities the internet brings us.

Yes, there is a bad vibe around making money online, but I’m here to show you how it’s done the right way, a way that you can earn money while providing value for your visitors and forwarding them to legit companies and products that will actually help them solve a problem.